How to care for the “silver tsunami” of aging Boomers

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Geoffrey J. Hoffman, a doctoral candidate at the UCLA School of Public Health, is lead author of a new policy brief on the stress and financial burden placed on the state’s informal caregivers. In this brief interview, he talks about who the typical caregiver is in California, why more don’t use state services and programs, and what federal and state officials can do to prepare for a “silver tsunami” of aging baby boomers.

Q: Can you describe who the typical caregiver is in California?

Caregivers look like they are doing pretty well. A typical California caregiver is a white, middle-aged female with at least some college education. She is likely married or living with a partner, working full-time or part-time, and living in an urban or suburban area. Caregivers tend to be in relatively good health, and have a decent income. A closer look, though, reveals some chinks in the armor.

Read the full interview here

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