Kominski: Single-payer? Or continued “crazy patchwork” health system in the U.S.?

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More Americans have health insurance coverage in the U.S. and California, thanks to the ACA,  Center Director Gerald Kominski says. But health care – the lack of it, the expense of it – is a primary issue again in this year’s presidential election.

In a new Q&A Center Director Gerald Kominski says it’s time to combat  “the crazy patchwork of health care financing we have in the U.S.”  based on whether people are poor, retired seniors, or part of the working population. He says it’s time to upgrade to ACA 2.0 and consider a single system that can be personalized, but maintain minimum benefit requirements “that guarantee a floor for everyone.”

The Q&A is related to a new policy brief on the 71 percent of health care expenditures in California that are paid for by public dollars.

Read the Q&A.


UCLA study: Big slice of public money spent on health care

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public_pie2Contrary to the notion that the country’s health care is primarily a privately funded system, 71 percent of health care expenditures in California are paid for with public funds, according to a new analysis co-authored by Center Director Gerald Kominski.

In a related Q&A, Kominski discusses how tax exemptions for employer-sponsored health insurance premiums benefit the rich more than the poor, why California’s share of Medicaid spending is 10 percentage points higher than the national average, and why a streamlined single-payer system might be preferable to the nation’s current “crazy patchwork” of health care financing.

Read the press release or the related Q&A.

Battling a “world in which diabetes is the natural consequence”

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PrintAn estimated 1.9 million more Californians will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2020, but there are ways to fight the disease, Harold Goldstein, executive director of Public Health Advocates, said in a recent California Health Care Foundation blog post.

He cited a recent diabetes study by Public Health Advocates and the Center in his post about the unintended creation of a “world in which diabetes is the natural consequence.” Goldstein said that world is fueled by a combination of marketing and consumption of junk food and lack of healthy food alternatives in many communities, and a trend toward sedentary activities instead of physical exercise, which requires safe places to play.

Creating a diabetes prevention campaign on par with tobacco prevention efforts, funding diabetes prevention programs, creating bikeways and parks to promote physical activity, and encouraging healthy eating are ways to fight escalating rates of Type 2 diabetes in the state, Goldstein said.

Read the study or the blog post.

Williams Institute event aids “T” data collection

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Performers at the uniTy 2016 fundraiser at the Edison in Los Angeles.

More than $70,000 was raised to support California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) transgender population data collection at the uniTy 2016 fundraiser, hosted by The Williams Institute.

Honorees Shannon Minter and Laverne Cox

Honorees Shannon Minter and Laverne Cox.

Shannon Minter, Legal Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), and actress and activist Laverne Cox were honored at the June 19 event, attended by an estimated 600 people, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

“I want to encourage each and every one of you to go out there and let more people know about the California Health Interview Survey, which we’re here to raise money about tonight, and how crucial that survey is going to be in terms of collecting data about transgender people,” Cox told the crowd.

She posted about the event on Instagram.


Jans and Clary with their auction prize.

Matt Jans, CHIS methodology manager, was at the event with his wife Laura Clary. Jans helped develop the transgender survey questions with the Williams Institute.

To cap the evening, Jans won one of the event auction items — a toilet seat artfully decorated with a gender-neutral logo done in string art.

“We felt lucky to acquire such a unique artwork that highlights a major civil rights issue of our day, and support the Williams Institute at the same time,” Jans said.


Dance and support the ‘T’ in CHIS LGBT data & research

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Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.07.25 PMDance, support transgender health data collection, and celebrate honorees Laverne Cox and Shannon Minter at the UCLA Williams Institute’s uniTy 2016 reception Sunday, June 19 at The Edison club in downtown LA.

Proceeds from the fundraiser help support transgender questions in the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) that measure the state’s “T” population and more. CHIS  data are used in vital LGBT research on issues such as family law, military policy and immigration. Including trans questions in CHIS also encourages federal agencies to add questions to national surveys, according to the Williams Institute.



Shannon Minter is the Legal Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR). A transgender male, Minter has been lead counsel in dozens of groundbreaking cases, including the 2009 California Supreme Court case to overturn Proposition 8 in 2009. He is also a member of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.



Laverne Cox, a transgender actress and advocate, stars in the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” According to a story in the June issue of Time magazine, she has teamed with some Democratic members of Congress to support the LGBT Data Inclusion Act,  which would require federal surveys to include voluntary questions about sexual orientation and gender identity along with typical demographic questions.

The first 30 people to respond can attend the uniTy reception for free using promo code 100301 here.

Find more details about the event or donate here.

AskCHIS NE adds 2013-14 CHIS estimates, pollution and poverty data

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twitter_askchis2013-14Updates to AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition (NE)©, released today by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, include 2013-2014 estimates from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), new non-CHIS data, and changes that make finding quality, authoritative health information easier and faster.

To further the Center’s mission of making critical health information available for all to use, AskCHIS NE now includes additional non-CHIS measures related to air quality and pollution burden from the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and income inequality — the GINI index — from the American Community Survey (ACS). (more…)

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